James & Lance

About us

James and Lance opened The Lotus Tree at the beginning of 2001. That makes 2021 our 20th anniversary year! When we opened we were the only gay guesthouse in France outside Paris! We're both English and used to work for the BBC, where we first met. We continue to do various bits of writing as well as running the guesthouse here in France. Thanks to Brexit (which we were very much against) we may not be able to be at The Lotus Tree as much as we were, but you'll always find a fantastic welcome.

James is the one who's good at languages (French, German, Swedish, a bit of Icelandic, Italian....the list goes on). Lance struggles with English and average French.

Arpad & Nuno

Arpad and Nuno will always be here to welcome you and make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible. Arpi (on the right) is Hungarian and Nuno is from Portugal. They work hard to keep the pool and grounds neat, tidy and safe. Your room will be cleaned every day.

Arpi and Nuno also offer a massage service - just ask for details when you're with us.

The whole team here at The Lotus Tree gay guesthouse look forward to welcoming you.

Jake the dog

Jake the dog will wag his tail at you wherever you're from. He's extremely friendly with everyone. Don't be fooled by the big brown eyes - we DO feed him, so please don't give him any tidbits or he'll get fat! (The same applies to James by the way).

By the way the name of The Lotus Tree comes from the big trees that are between us and the road. They are the trees that Homer wrote about when he said his men 'lost all desire for home' after tasting its fruit. Well it worked for us. Maybe it will for you too!'