Coronavirus and The Lotus Tree

Firstly, we hope all of you and your friends and loved ones are keeping well and are able to stay healthy and safe in these difficult times.

Here at The Lotus Tree our first priority will always be the well-being of our guests and of those who work hard to keep the guesthouse clean and welcoming.

We know that many of you – whether you already have a reservation with us or are thinking of a holiday this year – will have questions so we will try to answer them. We will of course follow the advice from governments and the health experts. Things are changing all the time, but this is our situation now.

The Lotus Tree is no longer able to open as planned on April 10. We will follow all the government advice and will open only when it is safe to do so. Keep an eye on our website and email us if you would like to be added to our distribution list for updates.

If you have a booking and still intend to visit: We will do everything possible to look after you. In many ways The Lotus Tree is one of the safest places to be for a holiday.

If you think you will need to cancel: Don’t panic. If you need to cancel at any time, even at the last minute, because of the virus we will refund your deposit in full. So you don’t need to decide yet.

If you have a booking early in the season: You can change your low-season booking (April 10 – June 13) to any available dates in high season at no extra cost.

How we will look after you when we do open.

Just let us know if you want to socialise and share the pool and facilities with other guests. We will try to make sure you have a good time if you do or if you don’t.

If you have been before you will know that most of our rooms are quite widely separated from each other. We also have a very large garden with plenty of places to be by yourselves to sunbathe or read if you want to.

There may be disruption to flights but, of course, travelling in your own vehicle is the safest option and we have a large car park exclusive to The Lotus Tree.

We can provide your own sun-loungers, glasses and other utensils for use throughout your stay. No sharing required.

We can serve breakfast, lunch and dinner in your rooms every day if you prefer. You won’t have to worry about provisions or restaurants.

We will supply plenty of cleaning products and sanitisers in every room. They will be deep-cleaned very thoroughly before each booking but please note that there will not be daily cleaning of your room unless you ask for it.

If you have any other questions just drop us an email and we will do our best to help.

Best wishes and stay safe!

James, Lance, Arpad and Nuno